Welcome to the

Cambridge University Persian Society


The Cambridge Persian Society (CUPS) is one of the oldest Iranian communities in the UK. We are committed to providing our members with enjoyable social and cultural events in Cambridge and in UK. Our Club is expanding rapidly these days, and the board of CUPS is busy planning activities for this year. We hope that more than one of these events will excite your interest and attendance.

We look forward to, hopefully, seeing you at an upcoming club event.

This year CUPS committee is planning to update its member’s database (please find below the link). Therefore, we kindly ask you all to fill and send this information form. By paying a membership fee in the CUPS (£5), you will get a reduced charge for events, as opposed to a normal fee for non-members as well as priority in allocating places for activities. For further information, please visit our membership page.

CUPS member’s information form

Please join our Facebook page and our Telegram Channel to get the latest news and updates.


CUPS committee